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Lincoln Party


Come Become A Leader, Help Clean-Up the Big Corruption, and Drain the Swamp of Washington DC


Ready to Rumble

Our Mission is to eradicate Slavery fully. We work hard at eliminating Slavery in these United States and all around the World. We fully aim to fully eradicate the disease of Slavery by the year 2025, all around the Earth, the and thus liberate many Millions of enslaved individuals, men women and children, and thus also honor the Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln who died for the cause of Emancipation and Liberty for all. All people are created equal is our Vision.

Democracy & Liberty

Our Mission here is also to fight corruption because it is the cancer in our body politic. We work hard at fighting corruption across the United States and around the world everyday, because we have seen how corruption like a cancer spreads and destroys many Peoples around the Earth. We have seen the cancer of corruption enslave whole countries and it's people, and we could never allow this to happen to these United States. Let's work together to stop this cancer from spreading and let's excise it where we find it. Our Liberty and our Democracy have to be protected against all those that are corrupting our Home Country

Vote Free & Awesome

Our Mission is to also spread the idea of Liberty and Democracy not only across the United States, but also around the world, because only when the Democratic ideals and the tree of Liberty take root all over the earth, we are protecting and preserving our Liberty and Democracy for the long run also here at home. Our vision is a world where the overwhelmingly vast majority of people live under conditions of Democracy and Freedom, and for that we work on educating people How to Vote freely, and how to enjoy the awesome fruits of Freedom and Liberty, that stem out of the God given right of the Citizen's Free Will.

Welcome To The Lincoln Party

I believe that we can take back our government from corrupt & complicit career politicians...

Do you share that feeling?

If so...

Come along and assist for the Change.

Let's meet to work together to win Washington State for Democracy, for Progress, and to get out the Vote for the Elections that will bring us the Next President of these United States, and the next Congress, and Senate of the land...

Because Now is the Time to do this.

After all we have issues to deal with such as rampant Corruption...

Do you find Corruption everywhere?

Do you see the impact of Money in Politics and Civil Servants cashing in, instead of serving the People they were elected and appointed to serve?

We see it all the time and there is little each one of us can do alone.

But Together...

I believe that we can take back our government from the corrupt & complicit career politicians...


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